Cool Dry Covers Seat Cover Set for EZGo golf cart
Cool Dry Covers Seat Cover Set for EZGo TXT and RXV golf cart. Shown installed on cart.
Cool Dry Covers Seat Cover Set for EZGo TXT and RXV golf cart.
Cool Dry Covers Seat Cover Set for EZGo TXT and RXV golf cart.

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Cool Dry Covers Set for EZGo Golf Cart

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Transform your ride with a new set of Cool Dry Covers seat covers to fit your EZGo RXV or TXT golf cart with standard seats (as pictured above).

If you have an EZGo cart with premium seats (there are several premium seat/backrest combos available) please include the dimensions (length, width and cushion depth) with your order and send a photo to to ensure we can provide the best fitting covers for your cart.

No longer will you burn on a hot seat, soak in a pool of water after some rain or freeze when the temperature drops. With their unique 3-dimensional mesh fabric, Cool Dry Covers keep you raised off your seat, allowing air circulation and water dispersion, bringing you year-round comfort.

Cool Dry Covers feature the following:

  • Covers specifically sized for your cart's seat and backrest, not the one-size-fits-most that is commonly offered,
  • Micro-spring construction ensures there is no compression or loss of shape over time,
  • Elasticized border for a snug fit means no sliding around,
  • Quick and easy to install by one person with no tools,
  • Made in Australia to the highest standards with the best material, including UV-stabilized thread,
  • A great way to freshen up damaged or tired seats,
  • Backed by our 30-day money back guarantee and 12-month warranty,
  • Easily cleaned by spraying with a hose while installed,
  • Orders are shipped daily.

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Cool Dry Covers Seat Cover Set for EZGo TXT and RXV golf cart.