Cool Dry Covers FAQs

Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about Cool Dry Covers. Should you have any other queries we can be reached at +61 483 861 669 or at contact@fourseasonproducts.com.

Do they come in any other colours than black?
Cool Dry Covers are only available in black. Unlike most darker fabrics, however, the mesh material used in Cool Dry Covers will not heat up in the sun meaning you stay much more comfortable in hot conditions. The fabric also disperses water without absorbing it so you stay drier in damp conditions. The good news is, black goes with anything.

How do I install my Cool Dry Covers?
Installing your Cool Dry Covers is very simple.  Here is a short video demonstrating a normal installation on a golf cart.  Installation instructions are included with all orders. 

Can I order my Cool Dry Covers over the phone?
If you'd prefer to order over the phone, please call us on +61 483 861 669. Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (AEST).

How long will it take me to get my Cool Dry Covers?
We dispatch orders daily, Monday to Friday.  We are based in Torquay, VIC so orders within Australia usually take 2-4 business days (can be slightly longer for WA, NT and remote areas of Queensland).  Orders to Europe and parts of Asia can take from 5-10 business days. If ordering from the United States, please visit our US store at www.us.cooldrycovers.com.

I don't see my country listed as an option in the checkout, what can I do?
This shop is set up for all customers in countries outside of North America.  If you are ordering from within North America, please visit our US store at www.us.cooldrycovers.com.

Can I pay for my order in my home currency?
Our shop's currency is Australian dollars. The actual price you pay in your home currency will depend on the conversion rates that are used by PayPal or your financial institution depending on your method of payment. 

I don't see my cart, do you have Cool Dry Covers for other carts?
If you don't see your model cart on the shop page, we can usually make a custom set to fit your cart. The price is often the same as our in-stock models.  Just send us a picture of your cart along with dimensions (length, width and cushion thickness) of both the seat and backrest and we can provide you a quote and turnaround time (normally 2-3 business days).  

How do I know which model I need for my motorbike seat?
All our Cool Dry Covers for motorbikes are custom made based on photos and measurements provided. This ensures the best possible fit for the large number of seat shapes and sizes. Measurement guidelines can be found on the Cool Dry Covers for your Motorbike page.

There is no room to fit the ties for my backrest cover behind my basket attachment- what can I do?
Some models of golf cart have a basket attachment which sits flush to the backrest.  In order to secure the Velcro strap behind your backrest this may need to be removed.  This is usually a simple job which can usually be accomplished alone with basic tools (screwdriver).  If you find there is no way to remove the basket to feed the Velcro straps through we can offer you adhesive Velcro strips which can be installed to attach the backrest's Velcro fasteners to.

How do I care for my Cool Dry Covers?
There is very little ongoing maintenance required to keep your Cool Dry Covers operating effectively.  Whenever you wash your cart, bike or mower, you can spray down your Cool Dry Covers set while in place and allow it to drip dry. You may wish to tilt your golf cart seat forward while it dries so that excess water can run off.  Every few months you should remove your Cool Dry Covers to properly wash the seat and backrest vinyl without the covers in place.  This will ensure that any dirt that may be trapped underneath the cover can be removed.  Spray your Cool Dry Covers from both sides while they are off your cart to clear any debris. Hang to dry. Once dry, you can reinstall your Cool Dry Covers onto your cart.  If you'd like to use a washing machine, we recommend placing your covers in a sensitive laundry bag on a gentle cycle. Hang to dry- Cool Dry Covers should not be put in the dryer.

What is the warranty offered with my Cool Dry Cover?
Cool Dry Covers come with a 12-month warranty and 30-day money back guarantee. Should you have a warranty claim, please send an email to contact@fourseasonproducts.com and include your name, date of purchase, model of cover, type of cart it is used on, the description of the problem and a relevant photo showing the defect.  Upon examination, should your claim be determined valid, we will organize a replacement cover.