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Enjoy the next generation of seat covers for your motorbike.

Cool Dry Covers are made-to-order, sized specifically for your bike seat. They feature a unique 3-dimensional mesh material which provides a cushioning layer of comfort while keeping you raised off a hot, cold or wet seat. Made in Australia to the highest standards with quality materials, Cool Dry Covers are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee and one-year warranty. Enjoy

  • Added comfort from the cushioning layer,
  • Circulating air means a much cooler seat,
  • Water flows through so you stay above a wet seat,
  • Added protection to help maintain your asset value,
  • Great fit from specific sizing = no slipping around.

Whether it's to add comfort, protect a newer seat or cover up a tired one, Cool Dry Covers seat covers look great while keeping you comfortable in all weather conditions.  

Ordering is easy:

Step 1: Determine the correct product for your bike based on size: a) rider-only seat, b) rider and pillion seat (1 or 2 piece) or c) oversized rider and pillion. If you're not sure which is appropriate, please Contact us.

Step 2: Click on the appropriate product below and select Add to Cart. 

Step 3: In the Notes section of the cart page, type in your bike make and model, and proceed through the checkout process.

Step 4: Send us a couple photos of your seat (one from above and one from the side) which we use to confirm our templates prior to production. Photos can be sent by email to contact@fourseasonproducts.com or as a text to 0483 861 669.

Have questions? Please reach out using the Contact page, or call 0483 861 669.

Transform your ride with Cool Dry Covers for your motorbike.

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