Therapeutic Car Seat Cover

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Therapeutic Car Seat Cover

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We've taken our best selling Cool Dry Cover seat cover and combined it with the many therapeutic benefits of our Move Well Clothing line to bring you our Therapeutic Car Seat Cover.  Our Cool Dry Cover 3-dimensional mesh forms the middle of the seat cover, creating a cushion of air which provides more comfort and beneficial air flow between you and your car seat.  The underside is lined with a breathable shell while the topside (upon which you sit) features our Move Well Clothing ceramic fabric.  This fabric reflects the body's natural emissions of far infrared rays back into your muscles and tissue which has been shown to improve circulation, reduce inflammation and speed recovery.  So whether you're a commuter, love long road trips or spend your working life behind the wheel, turn your drive time into recovery time with our Therapeutic Car Seat Cover.

Dimensions are approximately 40cm wide by 120cm long and will fit most car seats.  The top of the cover features an adjustable strap to secure behind your head rest.  Flexible cords at the middle of the seat cover secure behind the seat with multiple attachment points to allow for a variety of seat sizes.  Flexible cord attaches the bottom of the seat cover underneath your seat.